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We bring delight and a specialty coffee experience with every sip, in every home.

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The three steps to enjoy a good coffee


Quality and care for people are our main values in business.

That’s why we work only with specialty and traceable coffee producers.


Roasting is our passion and pride. It is an art form where green coffee beans go through a process that unlocks the unique taste and natural character hidden inside. 

Our main roaster Johnny is a certified roaster, with a Diploma issued by the Specialty Coffee Association. With more than 10 years experience in roasting coffee.


Coffee can be made in many different ways. One of the most popular is through an espresso machine, but there are many other methods for extraction such as V60, Chemex, coffee pot, french press, cezve and more. No matter what your chosen method of extraction, there are three important things necessary for wonderful coffee – ratio, temperature of the water, and time of extraction.

Let's work together

The best quality coffees in the world, roast by hand. 

Roasting the best coffee from around the world since 2014. We have experience with partners in Great Britain, France and Bulgaria. Quality, knowledge, training, equipment - everything you may need for growing your business and bringing delight to every customer.