As a result of the great variety of coffees produced by its members, each year the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) offers a BSCA Espresso blend made from some of the finest lots produced by its member farms. This blend is created by a team of the BSCA’s professional cuppers, carefully mixed to enhance body, aroma and natural sweetness.

The 2021 harvest blend recipe is made up of Natural and pulped natural lots from a single estate.

When Josiani Moraes first purchased Fazenda Santa Cruz in 1992, its main product was orange trees; however, Fazenda Santa Cruz was not destined to be an orchard for long. After a family crisis in 1998, Josiani’s partner, Mr Giovanni Bragagnolo, decided it was time for a change, uprooting the orchard and instead replacing it with coffee trees. Since then, Fazenda Santa Cruz’s main focus has been only to produce high-quality coffee through excellent production; hoping to stand out in the State of Minas where coffee is the most important agricultural activity.

Since the beginning, investment in technology and infrastructure has always been central to Fazenda Santa Cruz’s success. This included heating systems in closed chambers for drying coffee, a unique project which is not very common to find in Brazil. Josiani adds, however, not only is it important to continue with improvements, but to also value and reward the work of their employees.

As well as responsible for the management of the farm, Josiani Moraes is very committed to providing social and educational projects at Fazenda Santa Cruz.

In partnership with SENAR (National Service of Rural Learning), Santa Cruz helps to provide courses to all of its employees. As well as education services, the team at Fazenda Santa Cruz also participate in labour security training, first aid, fire brigade, wildlife protection and UTZ certification concepts amongst others. Josiani also believes in empowering employees at Santa Cruz by giving them the opportunity to identify, along with the managers, actions and projects that can benefit their work and improve their quality of life.

Making sure decisions at Fazenda Santa Cruz are sustainable is also central to everything the team do. The whole estate is connected through eco paths, helping the local fauna to move around the property and the flora to evolve. 400 thousand native trees have also been planted across the property to further encourage wildlife. The seedlings for said trees were grown on-site in the farm's seedbed, created through donations of Fazenda Santa Cruz’s partners.

Water-saving is also an important issue at Fazenda Santa Cruz. The farm has a biodigester to treat the residual water, which is used in the washing coffee process. Following WHO's guidelines, every year, the lab run analysis on the water quality to make sure it meets their impeccable standards.

House Blend

  • Description

    cocoa | peanuts | molasses

    Brazil – BSCA Espresso Blend

    (2021 Recipe) – Fazenda Santa Cruz

    Farm: Fazenda Santa Cruz
    Varietal(s): Catucai and Rubi
    Processing: Natural & Pulped Natural
    Altitude: 1100 meters above sea level
    Owner: Josiani Moraes
    Town: Paraguaçu
    Region: South of Minas
    Country: Brazil
    Size of farm: 650 hectares
    Area under coffee: 392 hectares